Help Sheets

We are able to provide the following Help Sheets to those who haven't yet affiliated however in order to help your Parent Group/P&F run smoothly, these brochures and much more on a number of useful subjects can be downloaded by affiliated schools in our Help Sheets (Affiliates) tab or by calling the office on 9338 9985.

Most of this information is also available in the Parents and Friends Federation Association Handbook, which is available free to affiliated Parent Groups.

  • The Effective P&F Association

  • Sample Agenda for P&F General Meeting

  • Suggested standing orders for P&F Meetings

  • Q&A re P&F meetings

  • Chairing of Meetings

  • Are you a Class Representative?

  • Are you the President?

  • Are you the Secretary?

  • Are you the Treasurer?

  • Role of the P&F Representative on the School Board