PFFWA State Conference 2018

The Parents and Friends Federation of WA was pleased to host 85 delegates from around Western Australia at our State Conference held at St Brigid’s College, Lesmurdie.

The conference theme was ‘We’re All In This Together’ and was chosen to reflect the shared role that parents, teachers, students and the church have in bringing about positive outcomes in Catholic Education.

Keynote Speaker, Dr Tim Moore from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne was very insightful in sharing his knowledge and research about the importance of nurturing positive relationships and the reasons why authentic engagement is so important.

“As parents, it is vital that we are engaged with our children’s learning, and that means being involved in a meaningful way, not only with our children, but also their teachers and wider school community. Dr Moore demonstrated how true and authentic relationships actually have a very real impact on the brain and behaviour” says Siobhan Allen – PFFWA Executive Director.

Next up was a panel and forum discussion facilitated by Claire Orange, from Channel 9 and BEST Programs 4 Kids.   It was so insightful to have a panel of everyday people speak about bullying from various perspectives. It was particularly helpful to have a principal speak from the viewpoint of the school and to share the ways schools try to address bullying, both for the bully and the bullied. It was also interesting to hear how the response and behaviour of parents plays a role in the overall impact, either in modelling positive behaviour to children or in the way parents deal with difficult situations.

A real highlight for many delegates was hearing from two wonderfully articulate and mature students from St Brigid’s College about the issue of online and face-to-face bullying from the student’s perspective. It was hard not to be impressed by their honest opinions and sensible responses to the issues raised during the discussion.

“One thing that stood out for me was that they would not necessarily speak to a parent directly if they were being bullied, which is something that all parents either hope or assume would be the case. Even so, they did say that had alternative people earmarked should they need escalate a problem that they could not deal with on their own.  An older sister for example, who would be more understanding and less quick to jump in and deal with the issue in a way that might enflame the situation or embarrass the person involved.  So this was a great lesson, and indicates that we as parents can perhaps encourage our children to identify other appropriate and trusted adults to raise issues with if they don’t feel they can speak to their own parents” said Siobhan.

Awards of Excellence.png

Awards of Excellence in Building Positive Catholic School Communities 2018

On Friday 26th May PFFWA held its State Conference Opening dinner and one of the highlights of the evening was the Awards of Excellence in Building Positive Catholic School Communities.  This year we received a very high number of nominations in each category and those nominated were of an extremely high standard. 

The Awards of Excellence in Building Positive Catholic School Communities have always been an integral part of the work PFFWA does in acknowledging and celebrating the amazing work that is carried out within our Catholic school communities. The Awards look at those within our school communities who through their hard work and commitment demonstrate positive outcomes for students, families and the wider school community.

There are four Award Categories-Parent group, Individual parent, Parish and Principal.

We congratulate our winners and acknowledge the incredible work that you all do in building positive Catholic school Communities.

Parent Group-St Matthew’s School P&F, Narrogin

Parent- Claire Bevan, Holy Rosary Derby

Parish- Our Lady of Assumption Parish, Mandurah

Principal- Coby Rhatigan, St Mary’s College, Broome.

Special Award- Annamaria Cream, St Brigid's College, Lesmurdie

We would also like to acknowledge  all those nominated and congratulate them on the incredible work they do to improve their Catholic school communities. To view the nominations click on each one.

Our Lady's Assumption P&F Dianella

St Mary's Catholic School P&F Boyup Brook

Our Lady Star of the Sea CPS P&F, Esperance

St John's School P&F, Rangeway

Men of Mandurah Catholic College

Mazenod College Friends of Performing Arts

St Joseph's School P&F, Kununrra

Michelle Batt, St Matthew's School, Narrogin

Joanne Pustkuchen, Mandurah Catholic College

Donna Stiles, Mandurah Catholic College

Catherine Schaefer, Good Shepherd CPS, Kelmscott

Paul Hille, Principal, Infant Jesus School, Morley

Amelia Toffoli, Principal, St Brigid's College, Lesmurdie.

Chris Wallace, Principal, Mandurah Catholic College

Kevin Duffy, Principal, Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, Hilton